Nicolas B. Pierron
  • Tackle Technical Challenges

    Looking forward to make Open Hardware as Free as Free Software.

    • Develop in C++, the JavaScript Just-In-Time compilers used in Mozilla Firefox.
    • Creator of HolyJIT, a Rust compiler extension to JIT compile Rust functions.
    • Self-taught Assembly (m68k, x86, …).
    • Worked on URBI, an interpreted language for controlling robots at Gostai, based coroutines.
    • Contributed to the motion system of the rover for the Part Time Scientist team on the Google Lunar X-Prize.
    • Started a PhD Thesis on composable Virtual Machines. (shorten)
    • Worked on C++ parsing and disambiguation using Attribute Grammars, as part of the Laboratory of R&D of EPITA.
    • Computer Science Engineer.